King James Bible



Six years ago I owned this website but had to let it go. I did not have the time to develop it properly. However, it was snatched up by someone who then advertised NKJV and NIV on this website. (My King James Bible but advertised NIV and NKJV. Go figure.) It just came available again so I bought it back. To God be the glory. I will do what I can to develop this website the way it needs to be to honor God and His Word!

This site is dedicated to the King James Bible as the Authorized Version for English speaking people.

Years ago when I married, my wife moved to my area and taught at a GARBC school. It was the only fundamental school in the area at the time. The school used the King James Bible but the church did not. Because I was already established in my church they allowed Debbie and I to attend my church. There was a battle going on in the school to switch to multiple versions. I say battle but the fact is it was primarily one woman who was on a campaign to get rid of the KJV. Debbie was nice but firm. She said that if they switched versions that she would have to leave the school.  The woman who was on a campaign to get rid of the KJV made a statement. She said I don't know what the problem is because in five years you won't even be able to buy a King James Bible anywhere. They ended up staying with the KJV because of the gumption of one voice that stood firm on God's word.

I ended up being offered a staff position at a church in another city that had a school. Both the school and church were KJV ministries so we felt good about the move. 

The year after we moved the previous school switched to multiple versions. Four years later the school shut down because of dwindling enrollment. Five years after the statement was made that you would not be able to buy a King James Bible.... The school shut down. To this day the church has a website with information about the years of their school ministry. It lists every single teacher  or staff member except one. My wife!

There is an attack on the King James Bible. It should not be a surprise because there has always been an attack on the word of God since the beginning of time.

In II Kings 22:8 Hilkiah the high priest found the book of the law in the house of the Lord. Hilkiah gave the book of the law to Shaphan the scribe who then brought the book to the king. Josiah was the king. What is so important about this?